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Hi! I am Leigh, a self-taught coder. I have been learning via Codecademy for almost a year, other resources I like to use are Youtube and Udemy. I have learned to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python. I am interested in learning Ruby and React.

In my free time you will find me trying out new projecs, playing with my dogs, or playing Halo with my friends.

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Random Joke Site

A Random Joke generator for a cheesy joke after each click. This project used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Jammming Playlist Creator

Jammming is a codecademy project that uses React.js and a Spotify API. Please note because this app is in developement mode it will not authenticate after putting in your user information to Spotify. Feel free to ask for a demonstration of the app using my contact links. The following can be accomplished with an authenticated user:

  • Users can search for songs by song title.
  • Users can see information about each song like title, artist, and album for songs they queried
  • Users can export their custom playlist to their personal Spotify account
Please note that you will need to serach for a song, album, or artist for it to trigger the spotify login screen.